Leiva is aiming to win the English Football League Cup

The 29 year old Brazilian midfielder Lucas Leiva is hoping and aiming to lift the English Football League Cup with Liverpool especially after having defeated Tottenham Hotspur which was one of their biggest and tougher opponents of the entire competition.

"Last year we came very close, but we don't have any European games this year and hopefully we can win all three competitions. It was very good experience for the young players, and they will develop. I think the manager showed the trust that he has in the squad and I think it was the right decision." Liverpool’s Lucas Leiva said as he voiced his desire to win the EFL Cup in this season.

Liverpool faced off with Tottenham Hotspur on October 25th for the English Football League Cup and 2 goals from Daniel Sturridge was enough for Liverpool to come out on top with the victory as the final scoreboard displayed 2-1 at the end of the encounter.

This victory allows Liverpool to enter the 5th round of the EFL Cup and they will be facing off with Leeds United on November 29 of the ongoing year.

Ever since Lucas Leiva joined Liverpool on July of 2007, the Brazilian player was a regular starter in the Premier League as he consistently managed to make over 25 appearances in almost every single season but with the arrival of Jurgen Klopp, Lucas Leiva has been seeing more time on the sidelines with only a limited amount of time on the pitch.

Even though Lucas Leiva is not playing a very influential role in Liverpool like he used to have some years ago, the Brazilian is still joyful and determined to do as much as he can with the Premier League club.