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Lucas Leiva has sparked back to life under Jurgen Klopp

The Brazilian midfielder Lucas Leiva has played a huge role in Liverpool’s revival as Leiva is a consistent starter and regularly plays at a high level but the 28 year old midfielder hasn’t always been such an impressive figure at Anfield.

A few months ago, back when Brendan Rodgers was in charge of Liverpool, Lucas Leiva struggled trying to get a spot in the starting lineup of the Premier League club but his career was revived when Jurgen Klopp arrived to Anfield.

The arrival of Jurgen Klopp to Liverpool has been a saving grace to Lucas Leiva as the Brazilian midfielder is not only back in the pitch but he has also recently been given the captaincy armband which shows how big of a transformation Leiva has experienced since the appointment of Klopp as the new coach of Liverpool.

Lucas Leiva captained Liverpool in their 6-1 League Cup triumph over Southampton in the Capital One Cup.Under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool have been playing significantly better and they have even claimed important triumphs over Manchester City as well as Chelsea and according to Lucas Leiva, this improvement that the team has experienced is due to the confidence level which has been increased since the arrival of Jurgen Klopp.

"That’s what he wants and if you make mistakes he just doesn’t kill your confidence and he gives you confidence to improve and tells you what you need to do. For me it was about the belief and the confidence that I needed. I think he’s been giving me that and giving me an important role to play in the team.” Liverpool’s Lucas Leiva said as he revealed that Klopp has given his confidence back to him as well as the rest of his teammates.

Jurgen Klopp has the task of pushing Liverpool into a European spot for the upcoming season which is a difficult thing to accomplish especially taking into consideration just how competitive this Premier League season has been so far and things will get even more intense as the days goes on and the season progresses on further and further.