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Soccer Safari football game

The boring close season summer months are halfway through now for football fans – for whom this summer has been particularly dull thanks to the absence of the World Cup or European Championships. However there are always football slot games at an online casino to help pass this period, and one of those that has been generating considerable attention is the World Cup themed one Soccer Safari. So what exactly does this five reel video slot with thirty pay lines offer those fans looking for a summer fix of football and gambling?

What it offers is one of the fastest, funniest sports slots around – thanks to video animation which is absolutely top quality. The idea behind this slot is animated animals playing each other in a jungle World Cup, and you will see leaping leopard goalkeepers making acrobatic saves, bulky buffalo barging baboons off the ball (and getting yellow carded by the zebra referee for their trouble) and jackals forming defensive walls to try and keep out dribbling lions. All of these animals also feature on the reels, and they are joined by the Soccer Safari wild symbol and the World Cup scatter one.

These are important because the wild symbol gives you a better chance of a payout as it can make up for other missing ones to provide winning reel combinations, while the scatter symbol triggers the bonus game. This is also football themed, as you become one of the animals and try to score goals – winning either a higher payout or one of the prize bonuses depending on how well you do.

All this means that even those who do not win the jackpot of $8000 are unlikely to wind up empty handed playing Soccer Safari – especially as you only need to bet $0.01 for each line. Overall then, this is the perfect football slot for the summer, and with mobile casino apps for your phone, you don’t have to stop playing once the season starts – if you find yourself becoming hooked.